Play this amazing game which is very popular around the worl, help little chicken to live

can your pet
You can change and decorate the shape of the pet by using the customizing buttons. The pet can be fed by using the Feeding Icon. Use the shower button to clean the pet. The Drag ind Ball and Clicking ball are used to train play your pet. The cleanliness and hunger of your pet is indicated by red and blue meters which appear on one side of your screen. Apart from the simple game play, the graphics and sound of the game are a major attraction. While simple, these two aspects have a charming aesthetic appeal. Graphics include warm colors, fluid animation and soft edges and they have been combined in a manner that creates a relaxing and pleasing atmosphere. Can Your Pet comes with a repetitive but charming soundtrack. The soundtrack adds to the energy of your pet’s actions. The aspects of the game helps you create a familial bond with your pet. Your pet can ride a bike but beware because there are dangers lurking around. At some point, the game shifts gears and adopts an eerie feeling. The colors of Can Your Pet have a black background while the color of your pet is red. The game is ‘cartoonish’ styled though the end is gruesome as the pet gets crashed. Can Your Pet gives players the opportunity to raise a preferred pet and keep it safe from common dangers. It also exposes players to some of the harsh realities and difficulties pets have to face on a day to day basis. With the great graphics, soundtrack and game play, Can Your Pet is a game worth your time.

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